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USCIS Fees: $460 for the USCIS I-129 Petition. $1,500 for the h1b visa USCIS “Education and Training Fee” (if employer …(1)

Mar 28, 2022 — The H-1B visa cost can range from $1,720 to $6,470 or more depending on attorney fees, optional fees, and employer criteria.(2)

H-1B Filing Fees ; Base Filing Fee. $460. Either the petitioning employer or the alien beneficiary may pay the filing fee. The petitioning employer is not …(3)

Our total legal fees are $2200. This is the only amount due to our office to represent you from the moment you hire our law firm until the H-1B petition is …(4)

May 5, 2022 — Immigration Attorney Fee: $500/hour to $5,000 … The amount for an immigration lawyer will depend upon who the employer hires to handle the legal …(5)

Price Details ; H-1B Petition Attorney Service · $2599 ; H-1B Petition Refundable Attorney Service including RFE Response · $0 (H-1B Lottery) + 5999$ (Attorney Fee …(6)

Aug 24, 2022 — Having an attorney handle the application process can improve the chances of acceptance, especially in more complex cases. The cost of an …(7)

Flat Rate Legal Fees ; H-4/L-2 Dependents. 90-180 Days. $850. $1000 if not filed with H1B/L1, or more than 1 dependent ; L-1 Intracompany Transfer. or. E-2 Treaty …(8)

H-1b (Specialty Occupation) – $5,000.00 ($3,000.00 for extension); H-2b (Temporary and Seasonal Worker) – $7,000.00 + $500 per worker; L-1a (International …(9)

roughly about $3,000-$3,500 in fees. Sometimes, employers ask us, or employees offer to pay those fees and that’s a real no-no. That’s strictly prohibited by …(10)

Therefore, we recommend that employers refrain from seeking recovery (or payment by the employee) of: (i) the $325 USCIS petition filing fee; (ii) the $1,500 …(11)

An H-1B Visa (or H-1B transfer) will cost you around $5000 (including government fees). Immigration lawyer fees will cost about $2000 to help with the visa.(12)

Depending upon who the employer hires as an immigration lawyer to handle the legal paperwork, this amount varies. However, some companies have their own legal …(13)

H1B Visa Cost & Application Fees 2022 – NNU Immigration

H1B visa costs for employers ; Basic visa filing fee (I-129 form), $460, Employer ; Public Law 114-113 Fee, $4000, Employer ; Premium Processing (optional), $2,500 …(14)

Mar 20, 2019 — There is only one way I can think of. A typical Immigration Attorney would charge $750 to apply for H4 Visa application. For a family of 4, with …(15)

Therefore, an H-1B employer cannot require that an employee pay for or reimburse the employer for attorney fees associated with the preparation and filing of an …(16)

USCIS Fee and Attorney Fee. What does the attorney fee cover? Unlimited inquiries regarding the petition,; Detailed discussion regarding the candidates of …(17)

USCIS Fees Units Must Pay · The fee for Form I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker is $460. This fee is required for all H-1B, TN, E-3, and O-1 visa requests.(18)

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Nov 1, 2021 — With the fee increase, a company may spend as much as $31,800 for the cost of filing an initial H-1B petition (for three years) and an extension …(19)

Price List ; Citizenship, $725, $500 ; B1/B2 extension, $455, $600 ; J1 Advisory Opinion, None, $1000 ; H1B visa, $1,710, $4,000.(20)

Please provide a brief description of your immigration situation and your question for the attorney. Maximum 500 characters. seven − image =.(21)

There is technically no such thing as a transfer – they basically have to go through the H1B process the same as before. · I think the government fees right now …(22)


H1B, *TN, *E3 and *O-1 requests are initiated online at the UF/Fragomen IHP … $460.00 filing fee: U.S. Department of Homeland Security – EMPLOYER FEE.(23)

Immigration fees set to increase. Share ; Application for Naturalization, $595, $640, 8% ; USCIS Immigrant Fee, $165, $220, 33% …(24)

H1B Visa Lawyers in San Francisco Bay Area explains H-1B Visa petition, H1b transfer process, h1 extension procedure, h-1b quota and filing fees for 2014, …(25)

Dec 7, 2021 — Public Law 114-113 requires certain petitioners to pay an additional fee of $4000 for certain H‑1B petitions and to pay an additional fee of …(26)

All H-1B filings entail a petition filing fee of $460. This is regardless of whether or not you’re requesting a new H-1B, an extension, an amendment, or a …(27)

Immigration Legal Fees per Type of Case ; Subsequent Motion to Continue/ Advance, $ 250.00 ; Scheduling Infopass appointment (without appearance), $ 175.00.(28)

EMPLOYMENT BASES NON-IMMIGRANT VISAS ** ; H-1B Transfer, H-1B Extension and H1B Amendment). $460 + $500 Fraud Prevention Fee + $750/$1,500 Sponsor Fees. $3,500.(29)

Consult with your current immigration attorney for case specific advice. … What is the fee for premium processing for H1B transfers ?(30)

The fee schedule for green card through labor certifications as follows: 1. Legal Fees (for our Office) $6800 ($3200 for preparing the Labor Certification …(31)

H1B Visa Fees 2017 – Petition, Transfer, Extension, Refund …

Feb 17, 2017 — Employer Responsibilities · Standard (Basic Filing) Fee: The standard (basic) H1B filing fee is $460 for the I-129 petition. · ACWIA (Training) …(32)

For guidance and advice regarding H-1B transfer matters, contact an immigration lawyer at The Shapiro Law Group in Chicago for a consultation today.(33)

Jan 31, 2022 — Many times businesses assume H1B visas are the cost to the employee but … for H1B visa contact the most experience H1B Attorney in New York.(34)

TypePreparerUS Government Filing FeesTotal Hiring Unit ExpensesH‑1BInternational Center$960Standard new/transfer: $2…H‑1BInternational CenterOptional premium processing: $2,500Premium new/transfer: $4…H‑1BInternational Center$460Standard extension/amen…View 23 more rows(35)

Nov 2, 2021 — The Bill has proposed to include a supplementary $500 charge for each H-1B visa petition. Companies – mostly tech and IT services providers …(36)

1. H-1B, Specialty Occupation Visa (includes new H-1B, amendment/extensions, transfer). 2800.(37)

The government filing fees for getting a family-based green card is $1760 for an applicant living in the United States or $1200 for an applicant living …(38)

Nov 2, 2021 — Currently, companies pay $460 for the basic application, with additional lawyer, anti-fraud, and scholarship fees. For employers that have a …(39)

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H1B Processing – Attorney Fees Only – $1545 ** Prices could vary based on USCIS … $1545 will be transferred to Human Resources to support the attorney.(40)

H1B Special Worker Visa • Huang Law LLC

What are the fees for filing an H1B visa and who is required to pay them? · Filing fee of $325 · ACWIA fee of $750 for employers with 25 or fewer employees and …(41)

The USCIS provides an option for a 15-calendar day premium processing. There is an additional $1,225 filing fee paid to the USCIS for this method. ​. To request …(42)

Dec 21, 2015 — The critical difference is that the previous fee of $2,000 per H-1B petition and $2,250 per individual L-1 petition and blanket L application …(43)


Feb 12, 2015 — For legal fees, the short answer is that the H-1B employer cannot require that an employee pay for or reimburse the employer for attorney fees …(45)

This includes the fee associated with submitting Form I-129 ($325); the Fraud Prevention & Detection Fee ($500); and the ACWIA fee ($750 or $1,500 if over 25 …(46)

The experienced immigration attorneys at Sam Shihab & Associates help employers and employees secure the H1B visas they need. A variety of employers and scores …(47)

Dec 24, 2021 — How much does it cost to apply for H1B visa? ; USCIS Fraud prevention and detection, $500, Employer ; ACWIA-related fee, – $750 (less than 25 …(48)

H-1B Visa Cap Exempt– H-1B Transfer, H-1B Amended, H-1B Concurrent: Attorney’s fees: $1,995 ($2,395 if work location is at an End- client site) USCIS Fee: …(49)

H1B Visa | Fremont Immigration Lawyer Tricia Wang

Current H1B visa holders can transfer their visa and begin work for a new employer as soon as the new employer, i.e., the sponsor company’s H1B transfer …(50)

Apr 11, 2014 — 4. $1,225 PREMIUM PROCESSING FEE. It is an authorized deduction and could be paid by the party which it benefits. If the employee has decided to …(51)

Does anyone know Fragomen’s fees to file H1B visa ? … H1B Extension, Transfer & Attorney fees) and how to make those payments.

Any part of the statutory training and processing fee imposed by the … Any expenses, including attorney fees, directly related to the filing of the Labor …(53)

Aug 11, 2020 — Current practice requires employers with more than 50 employees, 50% of whom are in H-1B or L-1 status, to pay an additional $4,000 when …(54)

The Employer’s Requirements · Lack of Specialized Knowledge · Insufficient Proof of Employer and Employee Relationship · Insufficient Fees Filed · Employer Cannot …(55)

5. O1 Visa Application Fee … If you are applying for an O1 visa, you and each of your dependents are required to file a Form DS-160 with the Department of State …(56)

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