Lawyers Honoring Covid-19 Caregivers presented its first check recently to Boston Medical Center. Norman Stein, Senior Vice President of BMC accepted the $50,000 check on behalf of hospital and said:

Navigating through this pandemic has required flexibility and rapid decision making. Having the resources at our back due to the efforts of the Massachusetts lawyers sponsoring the LHCCI Campaign have made all the difference. We have been able time and again to say “Yes” to opportunities to support our staff. Housing staff who do not want to put their loved ones in harm’s way, support for transportation, protective equipment, specialized diagnostic equipment, whatever it may be, the resources were the critical difference maker. We could not be more grateful for the partnership with Massachusetts trial lawyers from both sides of the bar.

LHCCI was founded to provide critical financial assistance to front line workers and support staff who risk their lives to provide care and comfort to those afflicted with the novel coronavirus. The charity will continue its efforts to assist these brave women and men until we have conquered this virus. To help us in this effort, click here.